Recreational Insurance

You may have a recreational vehicle, or you may have a local business that operates outdoors. In either of these cases, you may need to get a recreational insurance policy. Many activities done outdoors come with risks. You need to protect yourself from a wide range of them, and you can do that through insurance. In the United States, you can contact us at York Jersey Underwriters Inc. to get started with a policy.

Recreational Vehicles

You may need recreational insurance if you have an RV, a four-wheeler, or another type of ATV. The minimum coverage you should have is liability protection in case of accidents. You may also want to get collision coverage. This type covers property damage that occurs in an accident. You may also want coverage for any equipment or other items inside the recreational vehicle.

Covering Outdoor Business

When you have a business that takes people outdoors, there is a lot of liability risk. You need to get recreational insurance to cover that risk. Your outdoor business might involve playing sports, or it may be a touring company or a rock-climbing business. It may be ziplining, ATV riding, snowmobile tours, rock wall climbing, or bicycle tours or rentals. In all of these cases, there is the risk of injury. When someone gets injured doing one of your activities, it would be up to you to pay all of their expenses. When you have recreational insurance, the policy pays for them all. You need to have coverage for bodily injury liability, and you may need property damage or general liability. Make sure your business is always protected by keeping a recreational insurance policy. Without this insurance, you could face significant financial harm after an accident with an injury.

Get Your Recreational Insurance Policy

No matter what you're doing outdoors, having recreational insurance can be helpful. You need to keep this insurance for as long as you own your recreational vehicle or your outdoor business. There are so many risks in both cases that you should never be without this coverage. When you need recreational insurance, call us today at York Jersey Underwriters Inc. to get started. It's something that can help you to avoid financial risks and give you peace of mind.