How to File a Claim with Commercial Insurance

Like any sensible business owner, you have commercial insurance. Now, you find yourself in a situation where you need it. Something got damaged, or perhaps someone got injured on your business premises. It’s time to file a claim. It is a straightforward process if you follow these six uncomplicated steps. 

  • Gather all the evidence and file a police report if necessary. Take photographs. Note down the names and contact details of everyone involved, including witnesses. Proceed to file a report with the police. 
  • Contact your insurance agent and report your claim. You would require all the names and contact details, including your own. Keep your policy information ready. You should be prepared to describe the type of incident for which you file a claim. Additionally, it would be best to inform them when and where it happened. Give a detailed description of the damage and provide photographs. 
  • Cooperate with the insurance adjuster to assess the damage. An adjuster will be assigned to your case within a day or two. They will assess the damage, take photographs, and ask questions. Make sure to cooperate fully with them. 
  • Obtain all the required estimates for repairs and replacements. For accuracy, it is recommended that you get at least two quotes on the repair costs. 
  • Proceed with the work. Ensure to obtain an invoice after completion. 
  • Finalize the claim with your insurance. This invoice will be helpful if your insurance company is not billed directly. Additionally, the invoice could be beneficial if the incident is taken to court. 

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