Automotive Insurance Protection for Towing Equipment

If you are using your vehicle to tow a boat, camper, or recreational equipment, seek insurance coverage to protect your equipment. Before you use your vehicle for towing purposes, update your existing automotive insurance policy.


Adding coverage to your existing insurance policy can alleviate costs associated with repairing or fixing your towing equipment. While you are actively towing something, you endure more of a risk than you usually do.

You are not only responsible for driving your primary vehicle. You are also responsible for safely towing whatever is behind your vehicle. For this reason, it is wise to seek adequate protection for the towing equipment you will be using.

If your towing equipment is damaged or stolen, you will be eligible to file a claim. If your claim is approved, you will be able to have your towing equipment repaired or replaced.


Keep concise records of all the towing equipment that you will be using. A trailer, tow bar, or another piece of equipment that was a big investment should be added to your existing insurance policy.

Determine how often you will use the towing equipment. If you use it consistently, plan on keeping all the towing essentials insured throughout the year.

If you are using the towing equipment temporarily, you will only need to carry temporary additional insurance coverage.

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