Home Insurance and Infestations: FAQ’s

One of the many benefits of having your Tinton Falls, NJ, area home insured through York Jersey Underwriters Inc. is access to our team of professionals when you have a question about your homeowners’ insurance. We receive questions about a wide range of topics, including infestations.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get about infestations and homeowners insurance.

What is an Infestation?

An infestation is an unwelcome invasion of pests, rodents, or insects that can damage your home through swarming, nesting, and other means.

What Pests May Be Included?

Infestations can occur from mice, rats, squirrels, bees, wasps, termites, roaches, and more. While some pests can be a nuisance, some, such as termites and carpenter ants, can cause extensive damage.

Is Damage From an Infestation Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Generally speaking, infestation damage is not covered by home insurance.

Why Aren’t Infestations Generally Covered?

Home insurance is intended to protect against unexpected damage like fires and theft. Infestations are considered preventable and are included as part of home maintenance, which is considered the responsibility of the homeowner.

Maintaining Your Home and Property

Home maintenance is a critical part of the provisions of your homeowners’ insurance policy. This includes keeping your home termite- and pest-free. While your home insurance may not cover damage from pest infestations, many pest control companies include protection as a part of their warranty.

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