Toy Retailer Insurance

Do you sell toys in Tinton Falls, NJ, or anywhere along the Jersey Shore? York Jersey Underwriters Inc. has two tips for toy retailers that get overlooked by agencies that don’t have a lot of experience writing policies for toy stores.

Toy Retailers Need More Than General Liability Insurance

Every retailer needs general liability insurance. This insurance protects your assets when a customer slips on your floor, a toy falls (or gets pulled) off the shelf and hits someone, or a shopping cart hits a car in your parking lot.

Toy retailers have additional exposure to product liability. Whether you are in Tinton Falls, NJ, or anywhere along the Jersey Shore, you can get sued when customers or their children injure themselves with a toy they buy at your store.

  • You can get sued when a customer injures a third party with a toy bought at your store.
  • You can even get sued for emotional damages when a toy you sell does not work.

In New Jersey, the "strict liability rule" means that toy retailers can be found liable even when an injury was not due to negligence or harmful intent. Litigants in New Jersey only need to prove that a toy caused an injury.

There is a law firm in Bergen County, New Jersey that only represents families that have bought defective toys. If you sell toys in New Jersey, you need to see York Jersey Underwriters Inc. to ensure adequate liability protection.

In New Jersey, Good Recordkeeping Is Essential for Toy Retailers

In New Jersey, the statute of limitations runs two years after an injury occurs or two years after the injury is discovered. That isn’t two years after you sell a toy. That’s two years after a problem arose with it.

Litigants may have false memories of where they bought a toy. The ability to show that they didn’t buy a problem toy from you may save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and months of aggravation.

No matter where you live in the USA, York Jersey Underwriters Inc. can serve all your commercial insurance needs. Call us to review your coverage and ensure you have the insurance you need.