The Many Auto Insurance Options

Some insurance commercials tout customized car insurance, but every insurance company offers that. When you enter your information, such as your vehicle identification number (VIN), name, and address, York Jersey Underwriters Inc. automatically offers you full coverage insurance. You can add or subtract coverage as long as you leave the NJ state-mandated coverage in place.

Basic Coverage: What You Must Legally Keep

Whether driving in Tinton Falls, NJ, Newark, Trenton, or any other location in the Garden State, you must carry valid auto insurance that fulfills the state’s minimum requirements. That means you must keep the following:

  • Property damage liability in the amount of $5,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) in the amount of $15,000 per person per accident
  • PIP coverage of up to $250,000 for specific serious injuries.*

The serious injuries specified under PIP include disfigurement, significant or permanent brain injury, or spinal cord injury. Other significant injuries requiring medically necessary treatment at an acute care facility or trauma center immediately following an accident also fall into this category. The policy only covers acute care/trauma center care until the patient’s doctor determines they are stabilized and can transfer to another facility.

Standard Coverage: A Better Choice

The 5/15 coverage comprises the NJ Basic Policy, which the state only recommends to those with few family responsibilities and assets. Most individuals choose at least the standard policy offered in New Jersey, then add to it as needed. The standard policy comes closer to the state minimums of other US states by including:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person per accident
  • Bodily injury liability coverage in the amount of $50,000 for all persons per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage in the amount of $25,000 per accident
  • PIP coverage in the amount of $15,000 per person per accident
  • PIP coverage of up to $250,000 for specific serious injuries.*

The standard policy PIP includes the same specific serious injury coverage as the basic policy. In New Jersey, you can have your insurer add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to a standard, but not a basic policy.

Options We Automatically Offer

At York Jersey Underwriters Inc., we automatically include comprehensive and collision coverage in our insurance quote for you. This lets you consider these important policy options that protect your vehicle. If you hit a fence, for example, collision coverage pays for the repairs to your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage handles items like theft of the vehicle or damage from hail.

What You Can Also Add to a Policy

You can add other auto insurance options, such as roadside assistance coverage. Roadside assistance provides similar services to auto clubs, such as a tow truck when you need it or fuel brought to you on the roadway if you run out of gas.

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What home insurance do you need?

When most people visit the York Jersey Underwriters Inc. offices to talk about home insurance, they think we offer one policy. The insurance industry in the United States offers eight different types of home insurance policies, though, so you can obtain the precise coverage you need for your home. Let’s consider your options so you buy the perfect home policy for your home.

The Eight Types of Home Policy

In insurance, we pride ourselves on precision, so the industry offers eight types of home policies, four of which apply to newly built or existing homes. We also offer one type for historic homes and three others for other types of housing, including condos, mobile homes, and renter’s insurance. Here’s a quick guide to the home insurance types.

  • HO-1 – covers 11 named perils and may or may not cover personal belongings.
  • HO-2 – covers 13 named perils and personal belongings.
  • HO-3 – covers most named perils except those specifically excluded in the policy and limited personal property coverage.
  • HO-4 – called renter’s insurance, this home policy protects the personal belongings of the individual renting a home owned by another person.
  • HO-5 – offers the broadest named perils coverage and personal property coverage.
  • HO-6 – covers condos from named perils and personal belongings.
  • HO-7 – mobile home coverage that covers the same 11 named perils as an HO-1 policy while the home remains immobile and attached to a foundation, such as piers and pilings.
  • HO-8 – specifically designed to cover historical homes and architecturally significant structures from 11 perils.

What type of home policy do you need?

York Jersey Underwriters Inc. offers the home insurance you need to protect your home and belongings. Contact us today to purchase the home insurance that protects you from financial loss. We serve all over the United States.